Aerial View
Aerial View with Property Boundary Lines

115 +/- Sub-Dividable Acres in North Londonderry Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania

Current Zoning:

Light Industrial (estate-sized residential lots possible).


Electric and gas are available to be extended to the site (no public water and no public sewer are available at this time).


This parcel is located on the east side of Natzinger Road between E. Ridge Road and Palmyra-Bellgrove Road in North Londonderry Township, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  It has frontage on Natzinger Road.

This parcel is approximately 7 miles from Hershey, Pennsylvania, 17 miles from the Harrisburg International Airport and 19 miles from the Amtrak Train Station.  It has easy access to major transportation routes, including I-83, I-81, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike.

Parcel Identification Numbers:

28-2296169-365219-0000 (52 acres +/-);
28-2298042-365023-0000 (63 acres +/-).



Aerial View
Aerial View
East Side of Naftzinger Rd, Looking East
East Side of Naftzinger Rd, Looking East
East Side of Naftzinger Rd, Looking North


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